Essay Writing: How To Cite Sources In MLA – Guide 2022
Whether you are a high school or college student or a professional writer, you will come across the use of a specific style format. In academic writing, there are different styles but the three most common are APA, MLA, and Chicago. These style formats ensure that the submitted work does not include plagiarized content. In addition to that, it works as a roadmap for the readers to find the source information in the paper.
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The main reason behind citing the sources is to give credit to those whose ideas and thoughts you have mentioned in your paper. Even if you are not directly quoting someone else's work, you must give the author proper credit by mentioning their work in the bibliography.
Now you why citations are such an important part of the research papers, you should know how to cite sources in your essay any kind of other research paper. Here you can find all the important guidelines for citing an essay in MLA format. Otherwise, you can also go for essay writing help free to submit an essay that is well-structured and properly cited.
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    Identify The Correct Style For Your Paper
There are different formatting guides out there, first, it is important to know MLA is best suited for what kind of papers. It stands for the Modern Language Association that is mostly used in the field of humanities. To choose the correct style format, it is important to read the assignment requirements before and ask for advice from your professor before you make your final decision on the formatting style of your paper.
2. Two Components of Citation
In essay writing, include the citation information in the two places; in the essay body and the Works Cited page that comes at the end of the paper. It is just a bibliography where you will have to list all the sources that you have used in your paper. The source information that you add in the body paragraphs are called in-text citations.
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3. In-Text Citations
Each source of information that you use in your essay must be included in the Works Cited page and cited in the text. Remember to use in-text citations when you add source information directly or refer to it by the name of the author or title.
4. In-Text Citation Method
Usually, In-text citations are parenthetical that means you add information at the last of the sentence in parenthesis. But if you have included information in the sentence, then there is no need to include it in the parenthesis.
5. Format Works Cited Page
All the cited in-text information must also be included in the Works Cited. When the readers want to know more about some content, they will look up at the source by the last name of the author that you have included in the in-text citation. In this way, it will be easier for the reader to find the source information.
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Hopefully, this short guide helps you in citing your essay in MLA format. If you are still not sure, better get help from a professional free essay writer to save your grades.
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